Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Culinary Resolutions

fSo, it's a little late (2 months, oops!) but I've seen a few lists of Culinary Resolutions making the local food blog rounds and, like that inescapable Facebook "25 Things" note, I finally couldn't resist. And since LDB celebrated its one-month birthday this past Sunday (!!), what better time to set some goals for the future?

La Dolce Bacon 2009 Culinary Resolutions:

* Make Thai food at home, to make up for the thousands of carry-out green chicken curries I've brought into the office

* Try making fresh pasta, even if it's just to give me an excuse to buy the pasta roller attachment for my Kitchen-Aid

* I've already been working on this, but one overall goal I have for this year is to make and eat more "meat secondary" dishes. I've been eating vegetarian mains much more often since I read this article, and it's nice to know that I can definitely remove meat from my meals a few times a week and be just as happy.

* Cook something with the following ingredients for the first time:
* Fennel
* Rhubarb
* Star anise (since I was gifted with a bottle for Christmas- thanks, Cat!)

* Make FISH! For a Floridian, my seafood skills are sorely lacking (except for shrimp, but that shouldn't really count) and I have never made fish at home.

* Poach an egg- it sounds easy enough when I read it in recipes, but I've never actually done it!

If you have any other suggestions that I should try this year, please let me know!

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  1. Fennel is nice added to a's kind of like celery with different flavor (like licorice).
    I'll look forward to your Rhubarb recipe because I've never done anything with that either. As for the Star anise, I have only use this in my "make the house smell good" cooking pot and in crafts. Pernod is like a licorice liquor made from anise which I've used in a couple of recipes.
    Best wishes on accomplishing your goals.