Friday, February 6, 2009

Goodbye Glasses, Hello Cupcake!

To celebrate my first day of post-Lasik vision, I swung by Hello Cupcake on my way home from the eye doctor and picked up the "pastry chef's special": pink lemonade cake with lemon-cream cheese frosting. Definitely a delicious decision!


  1. You are my daughter all right! That would be just what the doctor ordered for me too!

    Glad you are doing so well and can't wait for the next entry made by YOU !

    Love you! Mom

  2. Hey there my little bacon lover....did you happen to hear about the Florida's State Fair food choice for this year....chocolate covered bacon....what do you think about that?
    Hope your eye sight is perfect!

  3. hello to beautiful dana...
    another thing your mom and i have in common...only daughters who both love bacon!
    thanks for sharing your bolg with me and i can't wait to try the "bastarized" beet salad! i love beet salad but more importantly...i love the name! good job girlfriend! can't wait for future updates! happy cooking
    xoxo jillair